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Coral Bay


The nearest beaches are at Coral Bay only a 5 minute drive away. This attractive resort has shops and restaurants on the approach road and water sports on the beach. The beach has all the amenities that you would expect, including Beach Beds & Umbrellas, Showers & Toilets, Volley Ball Court and Beach Bar. The water sports are at one end of the beach. In the busier months these include Pedalos, Water Skiing, Banana Boats, Jet Skis and Wind Surfing. The sands are clean and it is situated as the name suggests in a bay, so is ideal for children to play. Swimming is particularly good here & the sea remains warm until December.


Located 1km further along the main road from Coral Bay is Corallia. The long stretch of it sandy beach curves around two bays and there are a couple of small islands which form a natural wind break. Quieter than Coral Bay the area has just a few shops and restaurants and is very peaceful.

Sea Caves/Agios Georgios Area

This area has a breath taking rugged coastline. Just up from the shingle bay are some natural rock caves and small sandy fishing harbour. There are a handful of restaurants and a small sand/shingle beach. This is also a perfect spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. It's worth a visit at sundown - from late Spring the sunsets here are some of the most dramatic in Cyprus.

The Akamas Peninsula

The westernmost tip of Cyprus is unique in the Greek part of Cyprus, not only for it's beauty but also for it's lack of tourist development. With spectacular views, deserted sandy beaches & conservation projects.

On the beaches Green & Loggerhead Turtles still come up to lay their eggs, and occasionally a Monk Seal may be seen. But remember there can be limited facilities in the small villages so don't forget the sun cream & water.

Polis and Latchi

To the North of Peyia many roads lead through the pretty villages, acres of vineyards and steep valleys. These take you down to the small coastal resorts of Polis and Latchi, only a 20 minute journey. Polis is a small town overlooking the Chrysochou Bay and Latchi is a small fishing harbour with pebble beach and several tavernas offering freshly caught produce.

Why not take a boat trip, or if you're brave enough go and see "Georges' Water Sports" and hire a boat for the day. A few minutes along the coast takes you to the Baths of Aphrodite. The bays here are ideal for swimming and snorkeling.


Situated in the South west of the island and just 10 minutes away from Villa Rokadla and Peyia.

Once divided into two separate areas, Kato (lower) Paphos and Kitima or Pano (upper) Paphos have expanded and joined to form one large town. However, Kato Paphos and Ktima remain very distinct from each other. Both have their own history and attractions but Kato Paphos is the Harbour and Tourist Resort, whilst Ktima is the residential and retail business

Kato Paphos is the 'Western Cyprus Riviera' and most hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs etc, are situated along the coastal strip. The most lively bars and clubs are in or around the 'Bar Street' area - so are easy to find or avoid, depending on your point of view. The picturesque harbour with its historical Fort is the focal point of Kato Paphos, from here you can take local cruises or glass bottomed boat trips. If you prefer to keep your feet on solid ground this is an ideal place to just relax and enjoy the view from the Harbour's fish restaurants or cafes.

Ktima is built on the elevated area of Paphos Town and offers lots of retail therapy. the cobbled street market area has many cafes and Tavernas offering Traditional Cypriot food. Other shops have hand made silver ware and a variety of local crafts and ceramics.

Sightseeing in the Pahos Area

The “Tombs of the Kings” are situated close to the sea in the north western necropolis of Pafos (Paphos). They owe their name to their size and splendour – some probably belonged to the Pafian aristocracy, and not because royalty was buried there. They are rock cut and date to the Hellenistic and early Roman periods. Some of them imitate the houses of the living, with the rooms (here the burial chambers) opening onto a peristyle atrium. They are similar to tombs found in Alexandria, demonstrating the close relations between the two cities during the Hellenistic period.

Maa-Palaeokastro, a settlement on the western coast of the island close to Coral Bay, is important for the understanding of the end of the Late Bronze Age in Cyprus. Maa is located a good distance from the nearest main urban centre of the antiquity Palaepafos, some 25 kilometres to the southeast, and 10 kilometres northwest of the modern town of Pafos (Paphos). Its imposing defensive walls were always exposed and gave the site its name of "Palaeokastro” (‘the old castle’). This area was settled by the first Mycenaean Greeks who arrived on the island around 1200 BC, after the fall of the Mycenaean kingdoms in mainland Greece. It is therefore one of the nuclei from which began the Hellenization of Cyprus. Strategic advantages, like the superb natural harbours provided by the sheltered bays and the uninterrupted view of the land and sea approaches, appear to have been dominant in the choice of site.

The Wine Region. Evocative region with rugged coastlines and charming little villages, oozing with culture and lush vines, with rustic and contemporary elements nesting side by side.


Situated in the western shores of Cyprus, villages such as Drouseia, Ineia, Kathikas, Pano and Kato Arodes invite you to visit their windswept vineyards. To get to know the Xynisteri, an indigenous grape variety that grows in a climate tempered by the sea breeze, offering cool yet solid wines with a fine aroma, most probably among the best white wines produced in Cyprus.


These and othe destinations of the route also invite you to sample the rare Maratheftiko, one of the best red wine varieties of Cyprus.

Palaepafos Aphrodite Cultural Route. Pafos (Paphos), as the area that played a dominant role in the genesis of Kyprida Aphrodite, combines the most interesting visits. These include the main archaeological site of Palaepafos (Kouklia), the Chalcolithic site of Lempa, a number of museums, nature sites and trails. Visits can start from any site.

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