Villa Rokadla
Villa Rokadla


The Regions of Cyprus

When in Cyprus, don’t limit yourself to the main cities and coastal resorts. Spread your wings by venturing into the countryside.

From fragrant citrus orchards and olive groves, rolling vineyards, wide open plains
carpeted with colourful wild flowers, to cool pine forests and pristine beaches where turtles nest, Cyprus’ nature will delight you at all times of year.

Go on a Wine or Culinary Tour discovering age-old Villages cascading down hillsides with shady squares where you can sit at the coffee shop and mix with the locals. Spend a relaxing day at one of the salt lakes where you can observe nature and wildlife to your heart’s content; Or visit some of Europe’s most evocative ancient sites, Neolithic settlements and quaint medieval churches. Cyprus offers the full Mediterranean experience in a compact area easy to reach.



Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia. The island is a landscape of contrasts. Sandy beaches and rugged coves border the central plain that rises up to pine clad mountains that offer a cool retreat in the Summer and snow covered ski slopes in the Winter. Another major attraction is the wonderful climate up to 340 days of sunshine throughout the year.

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Cyprus Climate


General Information

Travel time by car (approx):

Peyia to Coral Bay:                2 minutes

Peyia to Coral Bay Beach:     5 minutes

Peyia to Paphos:                  10 minutes

Peyia to Polis:                       20 minutes

Peyia to Airport:                   45 minutes

Peyia to Larnaca:                  1 hour 45 minutes

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